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Our Approach

We get a kick from seeing the benefits of well crafted code combined with well thought out strategy. Our work reflects this and we treat each and every project individually - each with its own unique requirements.

We don’t pretend to be an all-singing, all-dancing superstar team that does everything. We’re straight up and we won’t nod knowingly to your requests unless we’re sure we can deliver.

Our Platform of Choice

Since 2006 ExpressionEngine™ has been our tool of choice to deliver content management to site administrators. Its power and flexibility is unsurpassed for its price and makes it an excellent choice for any small or large organisation to manage their website.

Jam is pleased to have an ExpressionEngine ProNetwork member on the team with several high profile builds under our belt as well as numerous enhancements to existing ExpressionEngine sites around the globe.

5 Reasons Not to Work With Us

  1. We can be honest, really honest. When something feels wrong about a project we're working on, we dare to tell you.
  2. We cost more than some. Doing things right takes time.
  3. Our development process is thorough, we won't proceed until we're 100% happy with what has been supplied.
  4. We're small. If you want pointy shoe wearing floncy advertising types that will promise you the world, account managers that will lavish you with corporate schmoozing, move along please.
  5. We don't do 'quick fix' websites. It doesn't help us, and it won't help you.

Still interested?

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Our Clients

  • Northpower
  • Destination Northland
  • Nosh Food Market
  • Whangarei District Council